Housebreaking by Bell Method

How To Housetrain Your Dog

Puppy and house training tips for an easy life with your dog – includes bell ringing, crate training, tether training and more.

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Smart Toys for Dogs

“Smart” Toys for Smart Dogs

So how do you deal with the fact that your dog can outsmart seemingly every toy, going straight for the poor stuffed pig’s throat or immediately finding and destroying the squeaker?

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Birthday parties for dogs

4 Tips For Throwing Your Dog’s Birthday Party

Dog birthday parties are not as rare as you may think. Many people celebrate the birth of their furry friends with a special day just for their pup.

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Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers: A Perky Companion Pup

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies, or Yorkies as they are commonly called are excellent companion dogs that are well-known for their small size and perky personalities.

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Hyperactivity in Dogs

Hyperactivity in Dogs – What Is It, How To Stop It

There are many reasons a dog can act like this, such as a high-grain diet, under socialization, a lack of obedience training, or not enough exercise.

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Dogs that do work

Nurturing Our Working And Sporting Dogs – High Performance Food For High Performance Dogs

Working dogs have quite different nutritional demands, not least because they need higher calorific intakes than domestic dogs.

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Euthanized Shelter Animals

A Horrible Inside Look at an Animal Shelter

I think our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all… a view from the inside if you will.

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Dog Left Home Alone

Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone? 6 Creative Things You Can Do

This article can help pet owners find creative ways to keep their dogs occupied while they leave them alone for periods of time.

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Doggy Fun

Top Five Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Are you a dog owner? Here are some tips on how to make your dog the happiest pooch in the world.

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Dogs in an animal shelter

How To Choose A Dog From A Shelter

Some great advice on how to go about choosing the right dog at an animal shelter

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Lost Dogs

What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog

Have you found a lost dog? This article teaches you the basic protocol of how to handle a missing or stray puppy.

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A Mummified Dog

Cancer in Dogs – The Man Made Killer

The first cases of canine cancer weren’t related until post WW2. What changed? What flicked the cancer interrupter to the “on” position?

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People annoyed by dogs

6 Annoying Habits Of Non-Dog Owners

This article discusses some fairly annoying habits that non-dog owners are guilty of.

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Great Dane Puppies

Take Proper Care Of Your Marmaduke (Great Dane) Puppy And You’ll Have A Loyal Gentle-Giant

A Great Dane’s personality is a big as his body, while he may seem like a tough guard dog, if he left in yard he will feel left out of the family.

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Working Dogs

Dogs at Work

Yes, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and one must work like a dog to keep afloat in these trying times. By the end of the day, your dogs may be barking, but remember that all dogs will have their day!

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