Dogs watching tv

Does Your Dog Watch TV?

Have you ever wondered if your dog watches the TV? Well, it seems that there is a TV station in the US, and now in Israel, especially for dogs. But do they watch it?

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Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Warm Weather Months

In order to keep your dog happy and healthy, you need to pay attention to the summer heat and other conditions. Follow this advice to keep your dog happy, cool, and healthy this summer.

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REST Method of Puppy Training

Reduce Your Puppy’s Destructive Chewing

Even if your puppy wants to please, it’s hard for him or her to give up chewing and biting. These four simple tips will help you and your puppy come to an understanding.

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Racing Greyhounds

Love For The Retired Racers

My husband tried for a long time to convince me to adopt a retired racing greyhound. Eventually I went to a “meet and greet” to spend time with some of them.

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Raw food diet for dogs

Raw Feeding: the Good, the Bad and the Stinky

What is raw feeding? It’s not as simple as it sounds! I am a big advocate of raw, but I get new patients almost every day with issues CAUSED by feeding raw the wrong way.

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Dogs and Rattlers

Dogs in the Country – Combating the Threat of Rattlesnakes

Where we vacation, much of the wild is at our paws. Birds, fish, turtles, wild boars, and a variety of insects inhabit the area, but the number one concern for me as a dog owner is snakes.

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Zachery and Puppy Mills

The Problem with Puppy Mills

I can’t remember all the many, many things that were wrong with my pup, but I do remember that she had 8 different kinds of worms, and she had distemper.

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Dogs Immune System

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

More dog health issues than you can imagine are linked to immune deficiencies. In this article I’m going to explain HOW to boost your dog’s immune system (IS).

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RIP Otos

Otos, The Best Guard Dog Ever

This is my dog Otos. He was a Chow/Retriever mix, and he lived to be 14-1/2 years old. And he was the best guard dog ever.

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The Skyrunner

Becca and her dog Sky run several miles together each day. Becca has tips for you on getting started running with YOUR dog.

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Yeast Problems in Dogs

Systemic Yeast: The TRUE Cause of the Never Ending Allergy

Are you at the end of your rope with your dog’s itching, foul odor, ear infections? Has your vet diagnosed him or her with allergies, but no treatment seems to help?

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Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats

A SkyTreats Classic – Pumpkin Dog Treats!

With homemade dog treats made from scratch, you can guarantee your pet is getting all the flavor they love and the real nutritional value of the ingredients!

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My Dog Biscuit

My Dog Biscuit, The Minature Dachshund That Isn’t

My dog Biscuit is an 11 years old Dachshund. She was supposed to be a miniature, but she didn’t turn out that way, except for her legs, which are too short.

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Dog Allergies

Allergies in Dogs, an Immune Deficiency

Allergies in dogs are a symptom of a lowered immune system. Treating the allergy symptoms won’t cure the underlying cause.

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The Pomeranian

Understanding Your Pomeranian Breed Dog

The Pomeranian is a toy breed that has seen increased popularity for people who don’t have the space for a larger dog or time for exercising a large breed.

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