What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog

Lost Dogs

Unfortunately, dogs get lost everyday, and owners do everything they possibly can in order to find their lost pet and bring them home. Sometimes these lost pets are luckily found by other people, but knowing what to do with a lost dog can be difficult. If you ever come across a lost dog, the following are some tips on what you should do.

Always Be Cautious

The very first thing you need to do is take precaution. You don’t know this dog, which means you may be in danger if they are aggressive. Take all necessary precautions when approaching a lost dog to ensure you don’t get bit or injured while doing so. Note that if the dog seems to be aggressive, you will want to call animal control instead of getting the dog yourself.

Look for Tags

The next thing you should do is look to see if the dog has ID tags. These tags may provide you with an address as to where the dog lives or even a phone number so you can contact the owner.

Take the Dog to the Police Department

If the dog doesn’t have ID tags, they may have a microchip. Most police departments have scanners that can locate and read the chips placed inside the dog. Take the dog to your local police department and have them scan the animal. If they find a microchip, it can help you reconnect the dog to its owner.

Take The Dog to a Local Vet

If your local police department doesn’t have a microchip scanner, your local vet might. Take them to the local vet and see if they have a scanner. If so, use it to try to locate the dog’s owner.

Look for Posters

Most dog owners will make and post signs and posters around the neighborhood if their dog becomes lost. Make sure you drive around town looking for posters that match the description of the dog you found. Check posters on stop signs and light posts, and also make sure you look on bulletin boards inside local grocery stores, pet stores, and even the vet or police department.

If you find a poster matching the dog’s description, contact the owners and have them answer questions about the dog to ensure that it’s their dog. For example, have them describe certain tell-tale marks on the dog, such as a big spot on their tail, to make sure you have the right owners.

Check Social Media Sites

Many people will also turn to social media when a dog is lost. Look on your feeds for posts about missing animals and use them to help relocate the dog with its owner. You can also turn to specific lost dog pages, such as “Lost Dogs of Illinois” on Facebook (or equivalent state) for information on missing dogs and to see if you can find the rightful owner of the lost dog.

You may also want to post a picture of the dog and post it on your own social media sites in hopes of finding the owner.

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